Just a few friendly reminders from the race director:

1: Despite what you’ve been told, please do not wrinkle your numbers.  It makes them difficult to read by the officials and with the camera.

2.  If your are riding your bike you must be wearing a helmet!

3: Leave the area the way you found it and pick up all trash in your area to include banana peels, GU packets and beer bottles.  If there is trash next to you please pick it up as well.   PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS!

4:  Parking – do not try to park at the finish line.  I know this works for many races but not at BBBQ.   Below is the map for Sunday with where to park and where not to park.   There is NO PARKING in Tourist Park.   We will have volunteers coming and going but please no race parking.

5:  Public Nudity and Urination:  This will not be tolerated.  We have paid for an ample supply of portable toilets, please use them!  Change in your short before you arrive or in your car an out of sight.  A towel wrapped around you is not out of sight.   There are young kids and older adults that should not and do not want to see your goods!

 BBBQ-Parking.Road-Race.Sunday 2015